Movies Seventeen Reveal The Message They Want To Ship To Carats With “Semicolon”

Videos Seventeen Demonstrate The Message They Desire To Send To Carats With “Semicolon”


It’s been 5 years of non-pause laborious work and as a consequence of this reality hovering world success for Okay-pop crew Seventeen, the thirteen-member collective recognized for his or her flawlessly synchronised performances and their personal involvement throughout the full hiss materials they assemble. As is the case for the overwhelming majority of us, this 12 months didn’t hasten relatively to plot for the crew — their Ode To You world tour turned as quickly as reduce immediate in February as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic — however that hasn’t stopped them from providing comfort and toughen to their followers, recognized as Carats, once they’ve arguably wished it most.

Best 4 months after the enormous success of their closing EP, Heng:garae, Seventeen are abet with yet another. The six tracks on ; [Semicolon] take their cues from the unprecedented and not sure instances we’re residing through; they detect the need of taking this time to breathe, replicate, and net pleasure from youth throughout the 2nd, and the idea that our deepest feelings dwell treasured and proper, even when the world is at a standstill. “Resolve a injury,” reads the textual hiss materials that closed out ; [Semicolon]‘s pre-birth notion trailer. “There’s a lengthy lumber sooner than you.”

It’s a message of comfort and camaraderie for Seventeen’s followers, and their appreciation has been mirrored in ; [Semicolon]‘s success: the crew has already bought over 1,000,000 copies of the EP worldwide.

Nonetheless whereas Seventeen may merely highlight the significance of taking a injury with their new tune, that might not imply they’re slowing down any time quickly. What does ; [Semicolon] verbalize to Seventeen? “It represents a pause earlier than our takeover,” rapper Vernon tells BuzzFeed Information.

Over e-mail, I requested the crew’s 13 contributors — S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, Seungkwan, Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino — all about their work on ; [Semicolon], how their new tune matches into the legend of Seventeen, and their phrases of comfort for his or her Carats.

The notion pictures for ; [Semicolon] comprise a classic in truth really feel completely numerous than one thing you’ve achieved earlier than. How important is it so that you can say new sides of Seventeen with each new mission?

DK: Our expressions comprise matured as now we comprise develop into extra expert, additional increasing the depth and breadth of our performances. We predict about that presenting these elements of Seventeen is how we will return the frilly and toughen obtained from our Carats. Please peer ahead to our unfamiliar performances and numerous charms of Seventeen that might be cherished by all generations no topic age or gender.

SEUNGKWAN: Staunch admire how a fraction of attire can peer completely numerous looking on who wears it, we desired to outline the ‘retro’ notion in our earn method and explicit it through Seventeen’s unfamiliar colors.

We realised that the approach of getting a bond of sympathy through sharing and speaking each numerous’s feelings is extremely environment friendly. Therefore, we included these essential elements into our lyrics, in enlighten that now not wonderful [young people], however moreover of us of all backgrounds who listen in on our songs may strongly expose through Seventeen’s unfamiliar retro notion.

The album’s notion trailer emphasises the need of leisure and play alongside work. The place did that notion come from? What comprise the contributors been doing for the size of their play and leisure instances whereas engaged on this album?

JEONGHAN: We brainstorm and explicit new ideas [as] we net impressed by the album preparation size. Whereas taking a injury, each of us choose in hobbies that we net pleasure from. We moreover net to negate time along with contributors that fragment the same hobbies.

DINO: I desired to philosophize comfort and a method of empathy to every individual.

The closing few months had been unpredictable and nice for every individual, however you moreover had enormous success along with your closing EP in June. How has life modified for Seventeen since releasing Heng:garae? Did these modifications comprise an affect to your ingenious route of for this album in any recognize?

WONWOO: We labored on this album beneath larger stress and expectations, which as a consequence of this reality resulted in higher tune.

THE 8: As mighty as we obtained higher fancy, our appreciation and eagerness to come back abet that fancy has grown mighty extra. I might fancy to enact the the same with this album and expose numerous elements of our tune.

What turned as quickly because the inspiration throughout the abet of your title observe, “Dwelling;Stir“? What turned as quickly because the journey of writing and producing it admire?

WOOZI: We net impressed from all elements of our on an ordinary basis lives in want to from a selected factor. It’s assuredly a expose I wrote down whereas speaking to my contributors. I negate that the numerous tales and concepts aloof from our on an ordinary basis lives encourage us assemble tune that many people can expose to.

WONWOO: We try and fuse our feelings, ideas, or messages we’re trying to find to philosophize into our tune. In that sense, the lead single “Dwelling;Stir” is a tune that wonderful represents Seventeen of at the present time.

Which B-aspect tune from the album is most significant to each member for my fragment, and why?

MINGYU: All My Fancy,” as a result of it exactly depicts Seventeen’s discontentment and want to enact higher.

SEUNGKWAN: Each tune is significant, however I moreover in truth really feel extra linked to “All My Fancy” for the reason that lyrics possess the messages we’re trying to find to say our Carats.

You might be recognized in your involvement throughout the full hiss materials you assemble. What element of this new tune are you each most happy with?

JOSHUA: It might positively be “Ah! Fancy” on this album as a result of here is the tune that I participated primarily essentially the most in.

HOSHI: I am most happy with our earn sure tune and its identification that no-one else is able to copy.

For this album’s unit tracks, you had been prick up into never-before-viewed teams in line with age. How did you fabricate the decision to fabricate these gadgets? What turned as quickly because the journey of working interior these new gadgets admire?

JEONGHAN: We customary 4 numerous unit teams combined in numerous ages in speak in confidence to say Seventeen’s limitless charms and suppleness. I had relatively just some enjoyable working with these new unit teams that allowed us to explicit the unfamiliar colors and charms of each member of the staff. I hope our followers can in truth really feel the various chemistry and new vibes through this new method. We’re nervous and excited to listen to what followers assume about this!

Modified into there any a part of making this new album that turned as quickly as critically nice?

S.COUPS: It would additionally merely sound ironic, nevertheless the success of Heng:garae turned as quickly as a mountainous mumble when making ready this album. We took this stress, nonetheless, as a stepping stone upon which we may work mighty harder.

MINGYU: For me, it wasn’t nice, however there turned as quickly as some stress in crafting appropriate tune, which motivated me to be extra experimental with my work.

Dangle any of the contributors tried out one thing new creatively (we could embrace composing, producing, directing tune movies) this time round? In that case, what turned as quickly as that journey admire?

MINGYU: As frequent, we actively choose in discussions with our staff contributors when making ready for a brand new album. We with out a doubt really feel extra assured about performing when our opinions net mirrored.

DK: With Woozi and [long-time collaborator] Bumzu taking central roles, it turned as quickly as a collective effort by all of us. Particularly, the combined unit tracks had primarily essentially the most participation from the contributors. We talked about what tales to include and tackle the tune — we had been proud to spy the songs getting more and more full of our ideas.

With Heng:garae, you explored a brighter notion and sang about letting hasten of the fears referenced on An Ode — is the tune on this EP a continuation of that feeling? How does ; [Semicolon] match into the legend of Seventeen?

WOOZI: If our closing album Heng:garae equipped “therapeutic” to youth with energetic and delighted vibes, with this album, we desired to philosophize phrases of comfort that or now not it is okay to take a injury throughout the never-ending lumber to your dream, as proven throughout the lyrics of the lead single “Dwelling;Stir.”

DINO: The wired youth in An Ode, a message of encouragement to these youth in Heng:garae, and the comfort we ship in ; [Semicolon] — these three are all linked.

All the best way through the promotions for this album, that you just ought to comprise acquired emphasised the significance of now not wonderful taking a injury, however moreover taking the time to net pleasure from youth throughout the 2nd. Why is {that a} essential message so that you can ship to your followers?

VERNON: We desired to attend on the youths who desired to listen to, “It’s okay to take a injury, and or now not it is now not a waste of time, however a route of to handle for the next step to your lumber,” so that they will peer round and take a breath in want to wonderful withhold inspiring ahead.

We moreover desired to encourage them to net pleasure from youth throughout the 2nd and current confidence to take a pause in speak in confidence to resume their upcoming lumber.

Heng:garae turned as quickly as an mountainous success, and additionally, you will no question comprise mighty extra new Carats with ; [Semicolon]. What would you hiss to followers who’re discovering your tune for the primary time in 2020? What would you suggest to stare or listen in on to net to know Seventeen wonderful?

JOSHUA: I suggest staring on the tune video of “Perform now not Wanna Bawl,” and listening to “Left & Simply.”

JUN: The songs and performances that you just ought to comprise acquired seen to date are wonderful one out of the a large variety of faces of Seventeen. We welcome you becoming a member of our crew full of limitless doable! I suggest listening to “Fallin’ Flower” and staring on the tune video of “Dwelling;Stir.”

; [Semicolon] has already seen enormous success commercially, and has been successful with Carats. How enact you feel seeing that response? What reactions from followers had been your favorite?

HOSHI: Seeing Carats taking part in our new songs and performances in ; [Semicolon] besides to getting comforted and impressed from our tune fabricate me in truth really feel so proud!

And at last, of us at some stage throughout the world had been through a difficult time in recent months. What message enact you admire to comprise Carats to take removed from the songs on this album?

S.COUPS: It’s okay to take a injury should you feel exhausted. We can be collectively on that route.

; [Semicolon] is instantly accessible to dangle and journey now.